Volker Geissler — Language acquisition in Berlin

Where words meet things

An important key to a city, to a country is the language.

Want to get to know a city is therefore a good motivation to learn the language.

I will help you to integrate all of it.

Being both: Tour guide and teacher.

Bringing things together.

The words and the things.

You will benefit.

By doing both.

At the same time.

Learn a city.

Learn a language.

In a way you will not.

By any other way...


About me

My name is Volker Geissler. I am an author who was born in Darmstadt, a city with 150,000 inhabitants, many civil servants and higher education, where I spent my childhood. I completed my degree in general linguistics and philosophy in Hamburg having focused on artificial intelligence and second language acquisition. During this time, I worked intensively as a language teacher, and enjoyed working with people. At the end of 1999 I moved to Berlin where I focused on my career as an author and continued working as a language teacher. In 2005, I was awarded a prize from the German theatre publishing house for my work ‘Im Haus’. Having learned a great deal about personal motivation and experience in relation to the acquisition of a foreign language, I work with people of all ages, different goals, from different backgrounds as I support their transformation into fluent German speakers.


What I offer

I am a very experienced German teacher having taught various students from diverse backgrounds. In particular, I pay attention to the peculiarity and details of the language that are important to a student. Through direct contact with my students I am able to paint a very specific picture of their relationship to the language and tailor the lesson accordingly. This can include, their knowledge of other languages, their educational background, temperament, work habits and manner in which they interact with their environment. This will take place in person, wherever you feel most comfortable.

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The cost of one lesson (50 Minutes) is 110 €. Since many of my clients will usually use my service for a longer period of time, I also offer packages and various arrangements that are open to discussion. The quote for one lesson is offered as a guide.